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1:1 Coaching

The One Rising Soul 1:1 Coaching is a unique offering, which combines different ancient and modern techniques and wisdom in order to achieve a better and more expanded experience of life.

I offer 3 specialised coaching programs: Embodied Woman, Rising Human Being & Connected Creator.

I also offer fully-personalised coaching packages based on your needs and expectations.


Single Session (60-min): 110 CHF

5-Session Package (60-min/session): 500 CHF

10-Session Package (60-min/session): 1000 CHF

Embodied Woman


"I want to start loving myself, meeting myself wherever I am at, accepting myself moment to moment, so that I can rise, so that I can create a beautiful and abundant life, so that I can nourish a beautiful inner state, so that I can have uplifting and loving relationships, so that I can contribute to this Oneness." That is what I wrote in my journal years ago, after realising that I was so done with being stuck in deep suffering states regarding who I was and, specifically, which woman I was embodying. Enough was enough. And, that's when the journey started!

Obsessing over your body appearance, feeling trapped in your body or numb, desiring to heal the relationship with food and nutrition, experiencing a conflicting relationship with your mother and other women in your life, lacking self-esteem, marinating in self-doubts, struggling with finding balance, feeling disconnected from your sensuality and sexuality, wanting to heal your heart from heart-breaks and hurts from previous or current romantic relationships, desiring to connect with your femininity, your softness, your power and your true essence? During our Embodied Woman sessions we will focus on such inner obstacles and bring gentle healing so you will rise into the wholeness of your womanhood.

Connect with your body from the inside: Heal the relationship with your body appearance.

Nurture self-esteem and self-love: Reparent yourself from a place of love.

Free your heart from hurts: Create loving relationships around you.

Discover all aspects of womanhood: You contain multitude. Own it. 

Find balance and harmony within you: Protect and care for your wellbeing. 

Our bodies are temples for the Divine to reside in.

Rising Human Being

Life is the journey of reuniting with the light within.

"On that steep and muddy side of the mountain, I looked up at the path still in front of me. I felt paralysed by fear. A sense of defeat. A total mental paralysis transforming into a physical paralysis. For eternity, I stayed in that position staring at the void and repeating to my self that I couldn't make it. And suddenly an insight came: this is how I felt in life in general - paralysed by fear, looking towards a future I wanted to create and being pulled by a higher goal behind the mountain, but still not being able to move because of all those limiting believes and projections. And all I could do was to hysterically stare at the steep hill in front of me and be paralysed. I was stuck."

Desiring to find purpose, drive and direction in life, to create heart-felt relationships and intimate connections, to generate wealth, to experience self-love and acceptance, wanting to break free from perceiving life through limiting believes, conditionings, labels and stories, feeling trapped in past experiences and day-dreaming over far-fetched future possibilities, feeling disconnected, lonely, lost, not seen, not heard, not taken seriously, not loved, being overwhelmed by emotions and life circumstances, not knowing how to deal with strong emotions like anxiety and fear?

During our Rising Human Being sessions we will practise inner truth and authenticity over the root cause of those distortions so you will reshape a more harmonious experience of Life and respond intelligently to any challenges. 

Align with your life purpose: Live connected and your inner drive will emerge.

Break free from hurts and regrets: Experience life in the present moment.

Overcome loneliness and isolation: Dissolve the illusion of separation.

Connect to your emotions: Learn to accept your feelings and thoughts.

Respond to life challenges: Maximise your intelligence to flow with life.

Connected Creator

We have a natural healthy desire to generate abundance.

"What is Abundance to me? I got to ask myself such deeply triggering question, as my intuition was screaming out loud to stop and ponder over the topic of abundance and financial wealth. Wealth-related synchronicities started pouring into my life in the form of conversations with friends, my partner, family members and strangers, unexpected flashbacks and memories coming to the surface, events and conditionings from my childhood, and sudden realisations of patterns stored in my extended family and ancestors, both in my mother and father lineages. What is "enough" for you? They asked me."

Questioning the way businesses are operating, feeling exhausted, stressed and burned-out from a boring and energy-draining office job, envisioning to create a different life-style and working-style but not knowing how, desiring to realign with your creative flow, wanting to manifest wealth abundance and to understand how to integrate Creativity and Structure in a business context, desiring to fully show yourself in a working environment without feeling polarised and to deeply connect with your team?

During our Connected Creator sessions, we will envision a new way of creating and doing business via uncovering and reprogramming limiting beliefs regarding money, status, success and power so you will take your life to the next level and contribute to a massive paradigm shift.

Invite abundance into your life: Define what prosperity exactly means to you.

Dismantle limitations around wealth: Establish a new relationship with money.

Tap into your creative potential: Unleash your power to create and manifest.

Shape a career aligned with your truth: Identify the building blocks for your success.

Develop your intuitive self: Learn how to trust your deeper intelligence.

“During the sessions with Rossana, I realised I’m living in a suffering state very often when I’m at work, even though I enjoy my job, the anxiety and stress inevitably bubble up to the surface until it's impossible to handle. It's very often related to other people's judgments of me (or what I think they think of me!). I'm carrying with me a lot of self imposed expectations and at the same time limiting beliefs of just never ever being or doing enough or giving enough. It's really tiring. A big realisation I had during the sessions with Rossana is that self- judgement just simply does not serve me anymore. Both positive and negative. I try to not get attached to either. I'm learning to sit with my feelings much more, learning it's ok to cry, to feel frustrated or not enough, but not get caught up in this and defining myself by those moments. I also try to see the beautiful and suffering states as they arise.”

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