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My definition of freedom

Freedom is creating a better experience of Life. 
Freedom is growing into greater harmony within ourselves and others.
Freedom is rising into greater alignment with our Truth. 
Freedom is experiencing Life from an expanded state of Consciousness and from an embodied, centred and grounded sense of self and Self.
Freedom is liberation from all forms of sufferings.
Freedom is unveiling illusions, taking away masks and seeing the Truth about our Being. 
Freedom is transcending the mind and expanding into our vast potential. 
Freedom is being limitless. 
Freedom is listening, accepting, creating space, respecting our truth moment to moment. 
Freedom is gentle care, loving nourishment and full presence towards ourselves. 
Freedom is rising from ashes, radiating light and feeling alive. 
Freedom is diving into the ocean of the soul so to rise higher into the sky of consciousness. 
Freedom is reuniting with ourselves.
Freedom is ending the quest.


My healing framework

Over the years of personal outer and inner seeking, observing and studying, I came to the realisation of the existence of a very effective framework which leads to greater freedom and inner spaciousness, what I call “Our Path to Liberation”. I am not saying that “that is THE answer to everything, that is THE only way out, that is THE only truth”. That would be so silly!  What I am saying is that such a framework really helped me to be in touch with myself, my struggles, my hurts, my emotions, my thoughts, my trauma, my sufferings, my conditionings, and it brought a huge and deep transformation in all aspects of my life. It still does, every day. And, maybe you will also resonate with such an approach to your personal development and liberation.

In our 1:1 coaching sessions, I will offer you a mix of different techniques from different traditions, depending on your exact needs. These will include meditation, mindfulness, inner awareness, breathing and breathwork, movement, yoga, dance, guided visualisations, Oneness Blessings and more. 

SEE - bringing undisturbed, calm and total awareness to your current inner state; observing the thoughts and the recurring patterns present in your mind right now. Key ability: Inner Truth and Authenticity, dismantling any form of self-judgements and creating distance from the inner chaos.

FEEL - tuning in with bodily sensations, emotions and currents of energies flowing in your body and acknowledging the connection between Mind and Body, Thoughts & Emotions. Key ability: Body Awareness, giving yourself permission to embrace whatever is present within you in that exact moment.

LET GO - realising that holding onto any attachments and obsessions over identities, past events, future projections, stories, labels, fears, revenge, interpretations is actually hurting you and the people around you … so, naturally choosing to let go of it. Would you keep holding onto a hot potato in your hands once you realise it’s burning your skin?! Key ability: Surrender & Self-Love, choosing your wellbeing over any self-created stories. 


CONNECT - creating and nurturing a deep connection with your Higher Self / God / the Divine / Grace / the Universe (whatever you want to call it or believe in) and realising we can’t do it all by ourselves. Key ability: Connection, dismantling the illusion of separation 

RISE - experiencing inner freedom, spaciousness, trust, flow with life, safety and loving support from the inside out. Key ability: Transformation, shapeshifting into a brighter version of yourself.

EXPAND - sublimating yourself into inner and outer expansion, inner and outer growth and transformation, courage, clarity, power from the inside out. Key ability: Manifesting, actively engaging in the mundane and material world in order to experience greater spiritual evolution.

DO IT AGAIN - life is the journey, it’s really not the destination, there’s no final end goal. Plus, we are doing powerful things here, so don’t fall in the trap of “I’m finally done with this emotional shit” :) It’s more like peeling layer after layer of suffering from our consciousness. Key ability: Humility & Passion, viewing Life as an exciting mistery.

My qualifications


Wellbeing Business Consultant | Mental Health & Personal Development Coach | Yoga & Meditation Teacher | 

HR & People Engagement Manager

5+ years in Event, HR & Project Management for multinational companies (ex. Google), NGOs and tech startups, with a specific focus on Digital Transformation and Innovation. I now support companies & individuals in their liberation process with wellbeing, neuroscience, personal development, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, movement, dance and inner growth.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French & Spanish

June 2022

Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Elevate Studio

Oct 2021 - Sept 2022

Kundalini Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 300h by Gobinde Yoga - Zurich

Oct 2018 - now

Leading meditation, yoga & wellbeing group/private sessions, offering talks at conferences and festivals & Trainings in Switzerland/Online.

Founded the Zurich Meditation Meetup Group & co-founded The Women Circle Group.

Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 200h by Gobinde Yoga - Zurich

Jan 2021 - June 2021

Ideated & led two online 8-week meditation programs "Manifest Your New Life".

August 2020

Part of the teaching and supporting team  for 60+ people during the 5-day Rize Up Gathering. Led a special workshop on healing hearts and connecting to the Source - Schloss Glarisegg

June - July 2020

Completed "Ekam Mithras" meditation and healing teacher training and co-hosted a full cycle of 8 “Ekam Circles”, which included wisdom, meditations, processes and Deeksha Blessings on the following topics: Stress Release, Passion at Work, Intelligence, Releasing the Departed, Accessing the Universal Intelligence & Clearing the Obstacles, Health & Vitality, Love in Family, Wealth and Prosperity - Online

March 2020

Attended & completed  the“Shakti Rising Facilitator Training”, a woman’s movement & empowerment immersion with Elemental Shakti Yoga, Shakti Dance Practice, Sacred Touch, Sound healing, Singing & Sharing Circles, Sacred Sexuality & Yoni Egg Practice - Bali

January 2020

Translated into Italian & recorded stress-detox & breathing meditations for the Breathing Room app by O&O Academy with 10K+ downloads

October 2019

MCed in a 4-day journey for the Transformation of Human Consciousness by O&O Academy - Field of Abundance - leading 150+ people into meditations & yoga practices - Stockholm, Sweden

September 2019

Recorded 8 elements-inspired & stress-detox meditations for Lebenskraft Online, an online conference with 500+ subscribers.

July - August 2019

Completed “World Youth Change Maker - Level 2” meditation training by O&O Academy - Andhra Pradesh, India

Volunteered for the first edition of the “Happy Hearts Festival” project by O&O Academy - Andhra Pradesh, India

March - April 2019

Attended & completed “Field of Abundance” deepening course by O&O Academy - Lindau, Germany

Attended & completed “Being Limitless” deepening course by O&O Academy - Bonn, Germany

December 2018

Attended “Ekam Enlightenment Festival” by O&O Academy - Andhra Pradesh, India

July - Aug 2018

Attended “Ekam Peace Festival” by O&O Academy - Andhra Pradesh, India

Completed “World Youth Change Maker - Level 1” meditation training - Andhra Pradesh, India

Jan - March 2018 

Attended & completed “Unleash the Power Within” by Tony Robbins - San Francisco, US

Supported during “Freedom Through Forgiveness”4-day workshop - Mill Valley, US

Attended & completed “Source & Synchronicities” course by Oneness University - Mill Valley, US

Oct 2017 - March 2018

Volunteered for Consciousness Hacking and Sound Healing concerts - San Francisco, US

Nov 2016 - April 2017

Transformational journey through 10-day Vipassana Silent Retreat, yoga, sounds, breathwork, meditation, fasting, raw vegan diet, bodywork, initiation to Deeksha or Oneness Blessing - Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Bali

Get in touch

Whether you want to schedule a free scouting call, book a session with me, or ask me further questions, you are super welcome to get in touch with me! I am so looking forward to connecting with you and to starting our coaching journey together :)

I will get back to you very soon!

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