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Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness Programs
& Movement Journeys

I am a certified kundalini yoga, meditation, mindfulness and shakti dance teacher and coach. Read more here.

I offer private / group classes, workshops, special events. 

Kundalini Yoga Flow & Meditation Weekly Classes @ Elevate Studio

Kundalini Yoga Flow: “Kundalini” literally means “the curl of hair in the beloved”, suggesting the free flow of energy in the body and the creative potential that exists within each of us. We will use the power of asana, meditation, chanting, breathwork and mudras to activate and invite the Kundalini energy to move through us, to unlock any physical, mental or emotional blockages and to experience the fusion with the universal self so that the soul can flourish. A deep inner journey to connect with your true essence in a respectful, sacred and powerful way.

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Get in touch

Shoot me a message for any questions you might have, to schedule a free scouting call or to book your Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness session/event. I am so looking forward to connecting with you.

I will get back to you very soon!

“During the sessions with Rossana, I realised I’m living in a suffering state very often when I’m at work, even though I enjoy my job, the anxiety and stress inevitably bubble up to the surface until it's impossible to handle. It's very often related to other people's judgments of me (or what I think they think of me!). I'm carrying with me a lot of self imposed expectations and at the same time limiting beliefs of just never ever being or doing enough or giving enough. It's really tiring. A big realisation I had during the sessions with Rossana is that self- judgement just simply does not serve me anymore. Both positive and negative. I try to not get attached to either. I'm learning to sit with my feelings much more, learning it's ok to cry, to feel frustrated or not enough, but not get caught up in this and defining myself by those moments. I also try to see the beautiful and suffering states as they arise.”

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